We’re doing this. Super Bowl Sunday is all everyone is talking about today –except for one thing. Mario Balotelli’s AC Milan debut. Unfortunately the plan to live blog this momentous occasion hit a snag. Balo isn’t starting. So while we pray for his introduction into the game at some point, lets watch what should be a good one between Milan and Udinese.

While we wait:

2:38 pm: He’s playing!

Pazzini picked up a knock in warm ups. Poor guy. 2:48 pm: Super Mario and Di Natale exchange pregame hand clasps. Love those guys. 2:50 pm: Balotelli sends a shot inches wise 40 seconds in. Good god.


3:00 pm: Niang and Telli –new nickname– play an excellent one two. Udinese keeper Daniele Padelli does well to keep the score at zeroes.

3:08 pm:

He is! Portuguese commentators on my feed are really enjoying this.

3:13 pm: GOAL! Guess who?  Balotelli pounces on a deflected ball and drills the shot past Padelli. Vindication never felt so good.

3:31 pm:

Balo could’ve had three in the half. Niang and the newcomer look as though they have played together for years.

3:35 pm: Halftime

Well that went about as well as possible for the home side. Over 14 minutes of possession and a myriad of chances later, they should’ve walked away with more after the first 45 minutes. Maurizio Domizzi was yelling at the referee about something. Probably about this post and its inherently biased commentary. Sadly, Udinese have not offered much going forward. All Milan, all the time.

3:50 pm: We’re back underway at the San Siro. Some of the Milan subs were play fighting on the field. Commentator João Paulo Ribeiro was not concerned.

3:55 pm:

3:58 pm: Di Natale comes real close to equalizing. Andrea Lazzari’s great ball was a little too far for Toto.

4:00 pm: Goal! Giampiero Pinzi ties it up in the 55th minute. We got a game here.

4:21 pm: Stephan El Shaarawy and Niang are dancing, but can’t finish. Meanwhile Joey Barton has picked up a Red Card in France. Oddly comforting, that.

4:24 pm: Niang hammers the crossbar. Milan are buzzing around the Udinese box. Balo flops to the ground in hopes of drawing a penalty. Not this time.

4:26 pm:
Forgotten man Robinho comes on for Niang. Alexander Merkel replaces Pinzi. Robinho looks like he may have been crying earlier today. Milan has eight corners to Udinese’s one.

4:30 pm:

4:32 pm: So close. Balotelli’s shot is tipped wide by Padelli. Great stop. Two minutes left in regular time.

4:39 pm: PENALTY! Man oh man. El Shaarawy is taken down in the box. Mario steps up and scores. 2-1 Milan. Game over. Crazy stuff. Di Natale is giving it to the ref.

4:41 pm: FT Milan 2-1 Udinese

That wasn’t a penalty. The thing neutrals and Balo fans around the world wanted to happen, happened. Not exactly great news for a league that constantly deals with match fixing allegations. This was fun. Thanks for stopping by.