Toronto FC has released their weekend schedule to some controversy:

Not everyone however seems all that upset with an earlier kick-off time. So, to whit, an utterly unscientific poll:

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  1. 35 votes in and a very even distribution of votes.

    I voted for late afternoons (3:30-5:00) for what it’s worth in order to avoid overlaps with Jays home games (I live in Toronto).

    • Only 20% have voted for early afternoon as of this time — that was the point I made in the Tweet. People will live with 3pm, but the early afternoon kick-offs make for a rushed morning and far less time to socialize before the game.

      For many what makes TFC still worthwhile is the ability to spend time with friends before the game. A 1:30 start makes that almost impossible.

      • There was somebody on Twitter last week (can’t remember who I’m afraid) saying that often the actual game tended to ruin an enjoyable social occasion.

        They were talking about a lower division English team (sorry Dan) but that must hold true for TFC and many others.

      • Late afternoon I think fits the day better than the others.

        Have a match at 4pm or 5pm. No need to rush your meals and rush yourself to the match, maybe have a snack going to or at the stadium and then you have the freedom to dine after (usually able to catch the hockey game while eating)

        Also it never interferes with my footy viewing as La Liga matches (the last to finish usually) finish at 3pm on the west coast and rarely overlap.

        Definitely agree with Duane that an early afternoon kind of kills a pregame and kind of kills the post game too as it may still be early to order more than a couple round of beers

      • NFL fans have no problem getting in PLENTY of socializing before games.

        I grant that it’s an issue in Toronto with our more restrictive liquor laws, but I can see why the league wants to maintain the 1:30 start time. It’s just… “normal” for sports on weekends.

  2. I voted evening.

    There’s something a bit more special being at BMO Field and watching the reds under the lights.

  3. It all depends on when though, doesn’t it.

    2 or 3 pm at BMO on a Saturday in March doesn’t seem unreasonable, given the cold nights.

    But who wants a 2 pm start in July?

  4. this does not come as a surprise.

  5. I chose late afternoon. In terms of going to the game, you’ve got time and can even run some errands before the game if that’s your prerogative. I would be fine with the evening but I know my wife would prefer to be doing something else with the evening than being at a game.

    As for watching on TV, the late afternoon is better than early afternoon because, let’s face it, by that point I’ve probably already spent hours on the couch and will be ready to get up. Gives me time to do something in the afternoon and still hopefully get back in time to watch the game. The evening, again, my wife would rather do something else, and of course it’s got more sporting competition in the evenings so that can’t be good for ratings.

  6. Late afternoon works best. Sleep in from the night before, no rushing a meal before the game. You can fit in whatever you need to before and after the match.

  7. Depends on the day, I could go for any of the options but it’s getting really annoying how TFC walks all over it’s fans in attendance when it does it’s planning. I understand, yes it’s a balancing act and there are other stakeholders involved, but the people who pay for TFC tickets are the golden geese that management continually strangle until they poop out another egg.

    This isn’t the first time they’ve done shit like this to people who should be the bread and butter of their business. In the past they accepted atrociously unbalanced schedules from the league office, leaving fans with no home games for vast swaths of the summer while being forced to freeze their asses off in early spring and late fall. They move kickoff times at a whim and are often late to schedule games in the first place.

    And this is only one aspect of the whole experience, I couldn’t keep this post to less than 10,000 words if I started droning on about ticket prices, game day at BMO field, or the quality of their product.

    Anyway, weeknight games are my favorite as those tend to draw a better and less casual crowd.

  8. I would prefer early afternoon. This way there is time left for things to do with the family later in the day. The exception is of course the hot summer days…

    But in all honesty, 4pm or 1 pm… It’s not a big deal for me.

    But let’s be honest, just like in every sport, the TV plays a more important role when a game takes place than what the fans want…

  9. I love an early kick off. One TFC match that springs to mind right away was the Voyageurs Cup second leg against Vancouver on Canada Day 2011. It was bright summer day. I was up at 9am, went for a run, breakfast and a shower and then a short walk to BMO from my house. Was in the stands at 11am. Sat in the sun listing to Tim Vickery on the Footy Show podcast talking about the Copa America. Toronto won that day and booked their place in the CCL which ended in a great run the to semi finals. It was great time to be a TFC fan.

    • Amen to that. A earlier start is an earlier start to the whole day, and leaves the afternoon free for the rest of my life. I prefer to socialize w my TF buddies after the game anyways, when we can do some proper drinking. Save the evening games for the Fall.

  10. as someone who can’t go to the games evening games are better, sure when youre going to the game you make a day of it, but when you watch it at home you want to do something else with your day…

  11. I love early kickoffs. I have kids – when I want to take them early afternoon makes that possible. When I don’t want to take them, I still enjoy watching a game in the sunshine. With the exception of July and August, I just don’t see any reason why it would be better to sit in the glare of the lights rather than the glare of the sun.

  12. weekdays at night, weekends during the day, gives you the rest of your Saturday, think thats why they have early afternoon starts in England, be home by tea (4:00pm)

  13. I just want a great atmosphere to support the team. The later the game is the better the atmosphere is. That is undeniable. Sorry about your kids and your wife, but for me this is about supporting the team as best we can. 1pm starts have rubbish crowds and the place often feels like a tomb.

  14. News flash … this team is a gong show … doesn’t matter … time spent elsewhere anywhere but Ikea stadium is best in the summer.

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