Is posting this totally not me? Maybe. But a guy’s gotta eat. You gonna feed my kids?

Here’s Alex being a footballing menace to counterbalance…

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  1. @TheTruth – Internalize your thoughts and filter what you contribute to society.


  2. Her face is way hotter than katys tho

    • disagree, it’s personal preference but since this is the internet I feel the need to tell you the you are FLAT OUT WRONG. there should also be some sort of personal insult relating to a part of your life I know nothing about so I guess you’re fat…maybe ugly? I don’t know…

  3. If you see her walking thought your local mall and didn’t know she played soccer, she’s below average at best. don’t kid yourself, freeze frame at 0:41,

  4. Look what you started, Richard. Your kids better be eating well tonight.

  5. Hottest Female Athlete in the world

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