The Lead

VOICE OVER: He had…well not talent exactly.

FAWAZ AL-HASAWI: “I think you’re the only adequate replacement we could find for Sean O’Driscoll under short notice whose desire to work in football again outweighs any concerns about a clearly irresponsible ownership group.”

ALEX MCLEISH: “Fair enough.”

VOICE OVER: I think it was more…desperation?

ALEX MCLEISH: “I suggest you start signing cheques this January transfer window.”

FAWAZ AL-HASAWI: “Can we get back to you? The hoarding signs were quite expensive.”

VOICE OVER: But the Al-Hasawi family…

FAWAZ AL-HASAWI: “We have a great working relationship.”

VOICE OVER: And most Aston Villa supporters…


VOICE OVER: … and possibly Notts Forest fans, had they a little more time, didn’t know it.

ALEX MCLEISH: “I am extremely saddened to be leaving after such a short period but even so it has been a privilege to be manager of such a fantastic football club and I want to thank the players, staff and fans for their support and wish Nottingham Forest the best of fortunes ahead.”

UK MEDIA: “So how long was that?”

ALEX MCLEISH: “Forty days.”

UK MEDIA: “Woah, insert Brian Clough joke here.”

VOICE OVER: And that’s the film essentially


The Hassli experiment that was cut short.


Nottingham Forest manager leaves club after 40 days in charge.

Arsenal’s Sagna dismisses PSG rumours.

Phil Jones to miss Champions League match against Madrid due to shingles.

Europol has made no contact with Liverpool over match-fixing revelations.


Klose sidelined for two months.

Italy announce starting XI for Netherlands friendly, includes Balotelli and El Shaarawy.

La Liga

Reina committed to Liverpool despite Barcelona link.

Deportivo fans express discontent during team’s training session, hurl insults at players.


Lewandowski happy to stay at Dortmund but won’t rule out a move in the future.

The 2005 match-fixing scandal that rocked the Bundesliga.

Bit and Bobs

Paul Pogba not upset over France snub.

Portuguese fans chant Messi’s name at Ronaldo upon his arrival in the country.

Thanks to Alima Hotakie for compiling today’s links.