Imagine all the uncelebrated Balotelli goals in one single celebration, by a studio pundit. This is marvelous, Italian football journalism at its best.

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  1. This dude had one too many espressos that morning.

  2. its mainly..Old man loses his mind when Milan scores. That happens all the time with this guy.

    Its still always funny

  3. that old man is tiziano crudelli, you condescending mungies

  4. KEVIN PRINCE BOA – TENG TENG TENG TENG TENG TENG TENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. He has the same kind of reaction to almost every goal. I mean you can just go through all the Youtube videos of it.

    As a AC Milan fan I highly enjoy this stuff.

  6. he’s great in the ladbrokes commercials.

  7. His reaction to their win and Maicon’s goal in the Milan derby last season is equally good. Go watch it.

  8. Thats all about PASSION!!!

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