Gareth Barry suffered his worst nightmare in front of millions of people today. Hilarious isn’t the right word. Try heartbreaking for Barry, his teammates and City supporters. For the rest of you though, yea. Feel free to have a laugh.

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  1. I’m not one to heap the pain on someone, but that was atrocious. Did he forget what colour his keeper was wearing?

    Terrible. Just terrible.

  2. cool finish, pure class

  3. that really was a good finish…calm, collect, got himself into a good position, broke free of his marker. world class.

  4. Hart should have saved it.

  5. Terrible marking, how can you leave a man unmarked like that in the box. Easy finish from a world class player.

  6. i agree with Scotty B, as if he couldnt save that!

  7. Match was fixed…

    • The only thing better would have been if he ripped off his shirt to reveal a Southampton jersey, then hit all the Man City guys with a chair.

      Heel turn of the century…

  8. I’ll also add that i thought Barry was very respectful in not celebrating the goal.

  9. WHO ARE YA Gareth Barry!?

  10. ….. And just like that the noisy neighbours fell silent.
    For De Gea’s sake, I hope all the pundits expect Hart to be transferred after his gift for Southampton’s second.

  11. “Feel free to have a laugh.”

    … OK.


  12. City fans shouldn’t worry as they have Nasri, Clichy, and Toure to provide heart, courage and mental toughness for their title run. The same players whom critics and trolls chastise us for selling.

  13. What’s Hart doing just standing there? He is supposed to run onto the ball and smash it into the net… Oh but no need!~~
    Whenever I am having a bad day next I am just going to look at this video.

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