No, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. But FIFA’s punishment for Canadian forward Olivier Occean—a six-match ban for “unsporting behaviour and using offensive language towards match officials” during Canada’s 3-0 win over Cuba on October 12th reveals the absurd double standard in FIFA’s meting out of suspensions for on the field conduct.

FIFA for example banned Gary Cahill for a single game for kicking a player in the shin, and Colombian footballer Lady Andrade two games for punching Abby Wambach.

So whatever Occean said, it must have been really, really awful.

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  1. You mean…. like the truth?

  2. FIFA stands behind it’s officials. They made an example of him. It’s definitely a move looking to act as a deterrent towards any other players who think they can mouth off to the match official.

    Now, how they ban Occean 6 games and didn’t punish Abby Wambach for her gamesmanship is another issue, but I think the differentiation lies in the fact that the Match Official should have acted against Wambach, cautioning her and perhaps even sending her off if it continued for badgering her during the game.

    Anything beyond a yellow or red card is not to the referees discretion, but the responsibility of the disciplinary committee who take the ref’s match report into consideration. Clearly, the use layman’s terms, Occean pissed the ref off something awful, so they threw the book at him.

    Sucks to be him, I guess, but FIFA looks VERY poorly or retaliation and acts of aggression over and above the odd protestation. Thus the importance of the words in the song…

    Keep your head.


    • FIFA does NOT have a standard, I’m sorry. They should be embarrassed, should be ashamed of themselves, but they never will

  3. If I had to play in concacaf with their crap officiating, I might have said one or two things as well.

    BTW, why is so popular to state that “Canada doesn’t need Occean” now? Ok, he probably won’t factor into the next cycle and he’s at the end of things, but really? Like we’re swimming in talent or something?

  4. At least we can rule out outright racism from Occean since FIFA’s punishment for that is exceedingly lenient.

  5. First Sinclair, then Occean. Maybe Declan Hill ruffled the wrong feathers. Lol

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