Let’s say you own a dog. You can’t take care of said dog anymore. Now, the dog’s a bit vicious perhaps, so you’re going to find it a tough time trying to pass along your dog to a friend or family member. And you’re not quite comfortable passing along your angry dog to an animal shelter, who don’t really appreciate potentially violent animals.

What do you do?

Leave it with a very famous footballer, by tying it up in a training ground with an explanatory note, of course. The Telegraph explains, insofar as this is even explicable:

The Bundesliga leaders said that the fan talked his way past security staff and into the team’s dressing room in south Munich and the pair argued in French before the intruder was ejected and banned.
The club contacted the police, who identified the fan as French from his car registration.

German media reported that the fan had left his dog at Bayern’s training ground in January with a note attached for the attention of France winger RibĂ©ry, asking him to look after the animal, a female called Oito.

“Dear Franck, I’m very sorry. I don’t know who I can turn to anymore,” the letter reportedly began.