Happy Valentine’s Day!

Not a huge fan of February 14th. Correction: I don’t like this day at all. As I write this post in a bachelor apartment that doesn’t do the whole ‘Sunlight’ thing well I’d like to send a message to the Counter Attack readers that have it all figured out. Don’t take it for granted.

That’s a little dramatic. Also, tears don’t transfer through keyboards. Counter Attack reader and graphic designer extraordinaire Saurabh Ananth has filled the void, creating hilarious football V-day cards that will make you forget about your horrible lives (you equals me etc. etc).  Check out his portfolio here.









Enjoy tomorrow. Take your significant other out for dinner. Note: Swiss Chalet is not considered going ‘out.’

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  1. I too am not a big fan of Valentine’s day. Correction, I actually think it is a load of crap. As a female, I think it is a degrading holiday that reduces your partners worth to a price tag.
    If you are interested, you could read what I wrote about it on my blog.


  2. Whats the #headsgone reference?

    How about Gerrard and his flirtation with Chelsea?

  3. Totally dated–

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