Galatasaray lead Akhisar Belediye 2-1 in the 85th minute, thanks to a goal and assist from Didier Drogba. The Ivorian star was greeted with a hero’s welcome at ─░zmir airport yesterday. The Turkish giants will take on Schalke on February 20th in a Champions League clash. Drogba looks ready to go.

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  1. Turkish league is brutal I coukd of saved that weak header

    • Yea, that wasn’t the greatest goal. Still. DIDIER!

    • Actually mate, the Turkish league is one hell of a league. As of today theres still about 10 teams with a shot at the title.stick to your la liga and your spl. Or israeli league ;)

      • and dont forget those fans.the world record for stadium noise are held by one of gala or fenerbahce

      • close title race doesn’t say anything about the leagues quality, they might all just be shit teams. and that was a brutal goal

        • wrong. one brutal goal doesn’t say anything about a league’s quality, that might just be one really shit keeper. I’m making an assumption that neither you nor the other bloke watch the turkish league. I might lie, you likely lie, but numbers don”t lie. in terms of tactical discipline and knowledge, parity, atmosphere, stadia, and an earned reputation, the league is arguably a top 10 world league, probably on par with the portuguese league, better than the russian, dutch, and brazilian. generally, any dislike for the league can be attributed to islamic xenophobia, ironic since turkey is officially pretty much as secular as alberta, with more mosques

  2. Devang….in reference to your India trip blog and accents and all…any ideas where the real Didier Drogba is …in all his CAPS glory and all….

    • Seen him around a few times the last few weeks. Assuming he’s cutting out letters from magazines..

    • Was suuuuuuuuuup ladiessssssss!!!!!!!!

      Devaaaaaang ma’ maaaaaaan. Out of 10, how scared are you that blackburn are gonna knock arsenal out tomorrow???

      hahahahahahahahahahaha don’t worry, I think arsenal are gonna do juuust fine. I mean look at all that PACE.

      By the way, I’m a sexy beast on Gala.

  3. He’s a man for the big stage….

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