His fourth goal in three games was a beauty. AC Milan defeated Parma 2-1 thanks to a Gabriel Paletta own goal and this wonder strike courtesy Super Mario. Yes, Gabriel was slightly out of position, but a goal is a goal. Hashtag analysis.

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  1. with every goal mancini looks more and more like he doesn’t know what hes doing, whether it be man management or tactics and subs

  2. Too bad he can’t play in Champions League this season.

  3. I don’t think the keeper was out of position. I think the wall was out of position – which is still the keeper’s responsibility – maybe he could have been another step to his right, but the whole point of the wall is so you don’t have to worry about the whole net. But even if the wall had been right, the kick was still perfectly taken, up and over to the keeper’s far right.

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