Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers - FA Cup Fifth Round
Congratulations to Blackburn. Their loyal supporters deserve this. Venky’s, not so much.

Most of you know where my allegiances lie. This job–one I’m incredibly lucky to have– has changed how I watch the game. I don’t live and die with results like I once did. At least that was the thought. Today brought back memories I was glad to suppress.

Blackburn was not the better team. Mike Appleton’s squad, unbeaten in six, came into the Emirates with one idea in mind: make this unwatchable. They did, with a lot of help from their opponents. Jake Kean was great. For the neutrals, the slew of hilariously awful Piers Morgan tweets will provide comedic fodder for days. Colin Kazim-Richards is a life long Arsenal fan. Go on. He’ll never forget this day and nor should he.

A few months ago I wrote about giving up. Reading it now I feel slightly embarrassed. This game, any game for that matter, doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Nine years without a trophy doesn’t matter. Arsene Wenger’s future with Arsenal doesn’t matter. Tuesday’s round of 16 clash with Bayern Munich–brace for impact–doesn’t matter.

I say this facetiously. Of course it matters. That’s why we watch.

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  1. OK kids…it’s early afternoon in Ontario and arsenal have just played in a cup competition. Anyone reckon what that means??

    kid – THEY LOST??

    Very gooooooooooooooooood!


    Yes, they do…but you must remember the other team on the field!

    kid- ooooooooohhhhhhh!! Why don’t arsenal want to win trophies teacher??

    Good question! But we’ll save that lesson for when Bayern Munich come to town.

  2. I honestly don’t know what to say…

    I don’t even know who plays on blackburn until I checked wikipedia. KAZIM KAZIM MY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY.

    I laughed though…a lot. Can’t. Even. Beat. Blackburn. At. Home. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    If arsenal scores 2 goals on Bayern Munich, I will be impressed. I hope by now Monreal realizes what he’s gotten himself into hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Let’s finish today with a good ‘ole arsenal meme!

    Enjoy y’all!


  3. I promise I’ll go easy on you when Bayern Munich obliterate arsenal. I mean lets be honest…arsenal should be in the europa league along w/ chelsea. It’s just not fair for Bayern Munich to get such an easy round of 16 while the other teams have to fight it out.

  4. Being an Arsenal supporter is a fugen embarrassment these days. We lose to the sh*ttiest teams. Half our team is composed of overrated, overpayed clowns and our manager Wenger is living in a dream land. He plays our second team today, resting our best players as if we really have a shot at the CL. Seriously Le Prof, WAKE THE FUG UP, the F.A was the only shot we had at a trophy. You didn’t want to buy any decent players last month, now you can start seeing the consequences. In my opinion, Song and RvP still haven’t been replaced. I have hopes for Giroud but come on people the guy is no RvP and never will be. Wenger sells our best players and replaces them with inferior players every season. Who net season? Will we be seeing Wilshere and perhaps Sagna leave too? Something needs to be done NOW. WENGER OUT

    • slow down big gun now i know we lost song to barcelonas bench and van persies to that school yard bully they call united (shoes off if u hate united!! loved the chant) but one bad result and its wenger out and few good results and its maybe we have a chance at atrophy lets manage our expectations we r a top four team that is our trophy its sad but its fact were not liverpool we havent fell off the face of the earth were a decent squad great one day awful the next inconsitences have plaqued us all season long could that b to so many new faces this year perhaps but in some crazy fucked up way i still feel were a better squad than last year with the additions of podolski cazorla giroud monreal and a healthy wilshire and were right on our point pace of last season we will challenge for top four no more no less the invincibles was a thing of the past

  5. sometimes thats the way she goes u out shoot a team what 18 to 3 and still end up on the losing end the better team didnt win and no one who actually watched the game could say that sometimes thats the way it happens just like there was no way chelsea shouldve beat barca or bayern last year but they did the ball is round folks…

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