Manchester City's Italian manager Robert

Today’s top stories: Roberto Mancini believes against any and all evidence or likelihood that beating Leeds in a secondary football competition will somehow improve the club’s inferior shooting percentage in the Premier League. Jose Mourinho says he’d be open to managing a club in France, which everyone assumes means he’ll consider the PSG job, when he might be talking about FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. Portsmouth FC continue to get hosed by Keith Harris’ ridiculous last-minute pandering. And the Daily Mail trolls Arsenal fans with this monstrosity.

And today is “Family Day” in Canada, which remains the worst name for a holiday since “Australia Day.” It means today is either being spent in a hungover, regret-fuelled daze, or with the the kids at a crowded museum in a regret-fuelled daze.

It also means Counter Attack will be a little light on posting, although the FA Cup Diary will be up shortly. The Counter Attack Podcast will return tomorrow, so don’t fret children.