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Today’s top stories: Roberto Mancini believes against any and all evidence or likelihood that beating Leeds in a secondary football competition will somehow improve the club’s inferior shooting percentage in the Premier League. Jose Mourinho says he’d be open to managing a club in France, which everyone assumes means he’ll consider the PSG job, when he might be talking about FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. Portsmouth FC continue to get hosed by Keith Harris’ ridiculous last-minute pandering. And the Daily Mail trolls Arsenal fans with this monstrosity.

And today is “Family Day” in Canada, which remains the worst name for a holiday since “Australia Day.” It means today is either being spent in a hungover, regret-fuelled daze, or with the the kids at a crowded museum in a regret-fuelled daze.

It also means Counter Attack will be a little light on posting, although the FA Cup Diary will be up shortly. The Counter Attack Podcast will return tomorrow, so don’t fret children.

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  1. Correction: It is family day in *parts* of Canada (BC, AB, SK, ON). Here in Manitoba it is Louis Riel Day, while PEI celebrates Islander Day. The rest of the country is at work.

  2. Hey now!! What’s wrong with the name Australia Day?

    /Aussie in Canada

  3. BC Family Day was last Monday (February 11th). Today is just another work day.

  4. No family day at my workplace, refuse to pay 100 employees just so McGuinty could be reelected, my employees know that when we have a good Conservative Provincial govt’ in place, they will then be rewarded with a paid day off in February.

    • Based on your comment, it sounds like you are the employer, but its hard to tell, but assuming that…

      You are denying your employees a holiday based on the party of the government in power?
      Did I read that right?

      So you are punishing your employees based on the votes of the entire province? I’m trying to enumerate in my head the number of ways this is wrong but I’m losing track.

      What kind of 19th century factory overlord are you? Wait, no, scratch that, even the 19th century factory owner gave his employees the Queen’s Birthday off.

      You’re just fucking insane.

  5. Family Day … best holiday ever … winter is long … nothing like an extra night of booze … Bill Posters … you’re employees hate you and most likely did nothing in the office except bitch about you … hope you have a great productive week … loser.

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