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The story is pretty amazing, too. From the Daily Mail:

A diamond-encrusted motorbike designed by Wayne Rooney has sold for £43,000 – £15,000 LESS than it would normally cost.

Rooney, 27, was approached by Danish firm Lauge Jensen to work on a ‘chopper’ motorcycle which would be auctioned off for charity.

The result was a one-off bike emblazoned with the striker’s iconic celebration after scoring his stunning overhead-kick winner for Manchester United against rivals Manchester City in 2011.

Which is essentially a defaced motorbike, no? The problem with Planet Football is only footballers live there, and the exchange rate on the crap footballers find valuable is always low on Planet Earth.

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  1. thats amazing!!!!!

  2. This is a lesson in economics and branding.

    1. What Richard said, plus:
    2. You never know what something is going to sell for at auction – once the price of something is negotiable, it will be negotiated.
    3. The assumption is a Rooney design would be value-added, but what you’ve actually gone and done is create a whole new product, with a new price
    4. The limits of football branding and Rooney’s in particular are apparent here. Keep his image in his niche market – boots, shirts, sporting goods, even generically England pariphanelia, patriotic mugs perhaps, surely someone would buy a Rooney rain coat to wear to the match – but a deluxe motorbike is clearly too far out of his brand influence.

  3. Rooney also destroyed property values on his street in Prestbury. Realtors were complaining that nobody (other than footballers) were willing to buy a house near him.

  4. I wonder what Balo’s Bentley Camonental is worth.

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