Man City are often feted for their creative and interesting social media work, particularly in the realm of impromptu video messages, documentaries and the like.

The latest example is a notable failure however—Manchester City FC did the Harlem Shake (watch the video above if you need to).

If you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is, just Google it and be majorly disappointed.

The difficulty with attempting to record an internet video meme requires some explanation.

First, the shelf life of an video meme depends on the work that has to go into creating one. The Shit Girls Say meme for example lasted for a while because they required a great deal of creativity to pull off. Many people attempted them even though they took a lot of energy to write and produce. As with all memes, most were crap and a tiny handful were good (usually the shorter, punchier ones). For that reason, (like goals) they were relatively spaced out from one another and the meme lasted for a while.

If I had the time to put into this post, I would show you a graph or something here marking the various popular SGS video release dates.

The Harlem Shake video was doomed to die almost from the start. All that was required was a bunch of people standing around in an ordinary scene with one rogue character, and then people in costumes dancing around like pricks. Total time, thirty seconds. Tens of thousands are already on YouTube. This is the lazy man’s video meme.

This is not to say Manchester City could not have pulled this off, but the timing would have to be just right. Whomever made the call to produce this thing would have had to monitor the teenage loser websites like 4Chan, 9Gag and Reddit to get an idea of the level of faux-”overplayed” complaints from the commenters.

In the case of Harlem Shake, the meme was still viable when the video of the Norwegian Army (or whatever) doing one was released, but there was a major yellow light when a local news team made one. It was deader than a doornail as soon as this one came out. Total time this thing was around? Two weeks, prolly.

MCFC missed the boat.