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Football’s a funny game (as you know). One of the funnier aspects, not in the ha-ha sense of course, is the focus on the single game impact of one or two players.

This is not a frivolous concern. Remember: England absolutely, positively, without a doubt or a shred of sarcasm on my part, lost Euro 2004 because Wayne Rooney hurt his metatarsals in the infamous quaterfinal against Portugal.

Which is to say, no they didn’t.

Rooney in fact is at the centre of apparent renewed concern, as the England international ‘is a doubt’ for Manchester United’s Premier League match against QPR, meaning he is also not likely to appear in United’s return leg against Real Madrid. Gnashing and weeping.

This is the same Wayne Rooney of course who was widely criticised as being utterly ineffective against Real Madrid in the first leg, defensively unaware, aloof, and not with much added value to the team. Are you following me?

Now it appears Schalke are up in arms about the presence of Didier Drogba in their Champions League fixture against Galatasaray. Apparently Shanghai Shenhua believes the Ivorian striker is still under contract.

From a practical sense, it’s likely Schalke just want to gain any leverage they can in making it to the quarterfinals, but if the concern specifically is Drogba-related, the club is sure going to great lengths to see a player who managed to win less than half his aerial challenges, managed to make three shots on target, but was otherwise a guy on a field.

It would be idiotic to say teams aren’t better with their traditionally more effective players, but in a single game, the likelihood they’ll have a major impact is far less certain. Several absences for either Gala or United could be crippling. Two players—even players with semi-decent track records of scoring crucial goals—that might be a little overcooked.


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La Liga

Abidal healthy and fit to play again.

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Jones remains a questions mark for CL second leg against Madrid.


Profile of another rising young star in Germany: Max Meyer.

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Bit and Bobs

Police arrest man on match-fixing allegations.

A little bit about Yilmaz, the joint CL top scorer.

Thanks to Alima Hotakie for compiling today’s links.

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  1. Love how “Jones remains a question mark for CL second leg against Madrid” (same link) is an England story and a La Liga story.

  2. Are you suggesting that Galatasaray has as good a chance of winning (or near enough to be statistically insignficant) without Drogba in the team as without him? And the like for United with/without Rooney?

    What about the psychological effects a player can have on vs. off the pitch for his teammates?

    The confidence that comes with lining up next to Rooney , as opposed to say, Frederico Macheda.

    Or does this not factor into your equation?

    One small example of a factor which does not feature in your analysis (as it is not necessarily quantifiable) and is conveniently overlooked so as not to undermine your conclusions.

  3. I generally agree with the idea that no team – especially not one that plays at the highest level – is successful solely on the basis of a single player’s performances. A game of one versus eleven will only have one outcome, no matter how talented the lone individual. But there are some obvious examples this year that do speak to the huge impact a single player can have. I think it is safe to say that United wouldn’t be strolling to their next league title had RVP experienced the kind of injury problems that have plagued other seasons. And setting aside his somewhat limp performance yesterday, it is hard to deny the crucial role Messi plays in Barca’s success. Finally, as the scorer of every one of Spurs last 43 goals (or thereabouts), it would be difficult to deny Bale’s importance to Tottenham.

    Now, these handpicked examples are the obvious exceptions, but that is kind of the point – there are cases where a single player can be that game changing factor that almost singlehandedly results in team success. Now, one could legitimately argue that neither Drogs nor Rooney are that player right now, but that does not mean that you don’t find those players when you look at other teams – or even a bit further upfield in the case of ManUnited.

  4. Wanna see how much difference one player can make to a team?

    Watch Barca when Messi isn’t playing otherworldly football, like last night.

  5. Hogan Ephraim of QPR (loaned out) possibly to TFC?

    #Toronto— Hogan Ephraim (@HoganEphraim) February 21, 2013

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