Daniel Taylor has an interesting interview with Roberto Mancini at the Guardian. We learn a lot about the Manchester City gaffer, his time growing up, his view on players that aren’t working hard enough (Samir Nasri) and players that are (Pablo Zabaleta). We learn of his views on Balotelli, and the Italian press.

We also learn how the Guardian Sport editor earned access to the City gaffer, as this was stuck in at the end:


This is…well. A concern. The idea that clubs would “charge” media for access to their staff via something like an ad within the body of the article itself is an alarming development to say the least. It’s one thing for media organizations to disguise ads as editorials, but media should be allowed access without forced advertizing.

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  1. It’s been happening for years and years. A good root through the back issues of World Soccer 442, various other national dailies over the years will show this. Alas, it is the way it is, as Bruce Hornsby nearly once said.

  2. I doubt the club charged for access more likely the Guardian got a few pounds for the Eithad reference at the end of the article.

    Not a big deal. The Guardian has to pay their talent since none of us are paying them for their content.

  3. What Gav says is true. I can recall seeing those ads placed at the bottom of Guardian articles going several years back. Sometimes they’ll be more noble in nature, like a plug for a particular charity the player/coach may be involved with.

  4. The rent is too damn high!

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