Queens Park Rangers v Manchester United - Premier League

Manchester United increased their lead over City with a win against the punching bag that is QPR this afternoon. The result came with some bad news, as star striker Robin Van Persie had to leave the game in the first half after colliding with the camera dugout. Alex Ferguson stated RVP will be reassessed tomorrow. The hope is that he’ll be ready for the Champions League tie with Real Madrid.

In other news, Ryan Giggs remains ageless, scoring in his 999th professional match. Via R/Soccer we get the visual evidence.


Comments (2)

  1. Hoping the injury isn’t too serious obviously. Unfortunately you can’t really legislate falling into a camera pit. I suppose the good news might be that he was back on the bench during the second half, but we shall see.

  2. SUCH a stupid place to dig a hole. Why?! Just…why? Feel the same way about that goddamn cliff they got behind goal at Old Trafford.

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