Holy sweet mother of god. Gareth Bale does it again, rescuing Spurs at Upton Park with a stunner just before injury time. Spurs move past Chelsea into third place with the win.

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  1. Can’t wait until Spurs sell him off and Arsenal can have a chance at 4th again… how sad :(

    • What a fucking player. This is a good time to be a Spurs fan.

      There are lots of big games coming up, and the next couple of weeks will go a long way in deciding the success of this season, but for now, just wow. With Bale in the side, there is always a feeling that Spurs can get a result.


  2. Bale,so hot right now…

  3. If Spurs dont make CL, United are going to grab him fo sure!!!

    • Eh, I wish, but I think he won’t go for anything less than £45 million, and I don’t think United can/will pay that kind of money even though it would be worth it. Besides, I think Bale has mentioned a desire to play on the continent, so my guess is one of the Spanish giants awaits.

  4. Threw down some money on Bale for EPL Golden Boot at 29:1. 4 goals behind RvP….can he do it??

    • I truly hope your bet pays out.

    • It would be difficult. He would have to keep up his ridiculous pace of scoring nearly all of Spurs goals as well as have RVP and Suarez stop scoring ( I know, stating the obvious).

      He seems to be in a position where he can be as “selfish” as he wants without many problems because he is wining matches for Spurs almost by him self. Besides, if it works why change?

      • He just needs 4 more goals over the last 11 games. RvP is likely out this weekend, plus with CL and FA Cup, rotation might be a factor (altho same could be said for Tottenham and Europa)

        He’s now down to 13:1, so we’ll see…..

  5. Sir Alex needs to replace a left footed Welshman, he’s even #11, it’s fate dudes……

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