Perhaps Neymar, Barcelona’s latest prize target, should read this little story on the Guardian on Pique and Shakira and a certain detective agency gone bankrupt, Metodo 3, before deciding to make the big move:

The latest alleged victim of the agency’s spying is the Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Piqué, who was reportedly trailed on the orders of club bosses worried about whether his romance with the Colombian pop star Shakira and his embrace of the city’s nightlife was damaging his form on the pitch.

The news website El Confidencial reported that the club asked for Piqué to be followed in 2010 in order to see how much time he was spending partying. It says in September 2010 Piqué was trailed after going to a pop concert in Barcelona. Detectiveslogged the drinks he had and the time he got home. El Confidencial said the player eventually realised he was being tailed, but the club managed to persuade him that it was just the tabloid press.

Take it away, Paranoid Parrot:


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  1. Wondering why Pep REALLY left? Here’s your answer.

  2. Seems like a waste of time…wouldn’t it be easier just to pay the paparazzi that go to all the cool spots to keep tabs on Pique (which they’d be doing anyway)?

    Beats sending some dude in a fake moustache and a trench-coat….

    • Except then at some point the tabloids publish SENSATIONAL story about how Barcelona management paid them to tail their own players.

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