TanLocally, naming our expansion basketball franchise the ‘Raptors’ in 1995 is considered a dark day in Toronto sports history. We didn’t have an illustrious association with pro basketball, but many supporters considered the Toronto Huskies–a team that played one BAA season in 1946-47–the logical name for the rebirth of pro ball in the GTA.

Founded in 1899, Cardiff City F.C is obviously not an expansion franchise. Yet, new owner Vincent Tan told the BBC promotion to the Primer League could result in a rebranding that would see the birth of the Cardiff Dragons.

Good god.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sports Wales program, Tan acknowledged the rumours surrounding a possible name change.

“We will think about it when we know the final result of this season,” he said about using Cardiff Dragons.

The reaction wasn’t good. The team’s public relations department scrambled, hastily releasing a statement from Tan in an attempt to stop the groundswell of criticism.

“I can assure all supporters that we will not be changing our name from Cardiff City football club, a club I am very proud to be a part of. Our name is our identity and remains at our core. I would not want any of our supporters to be concerned that this change would be made, hoping that this personal commitment from myself removes any fears.”

The internet can be a terrible place. But when it’s used for endeavors like these–stopping the heinous work of branding agents attempting to cash in on new kits, merch etc–it deserves praise. Cardiff hasn’t played in the top flight of English football since 1962. Leading the Championship by eight points, they look like good bets to return to primetime. They ought to do it with their history in tact.

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  1. Welsh uprising eh? I was always partial to the snakes. The Madrid Snakes would be a good change for Real.

    • Or the Barcelona Pantshitters. Very accurately descriptive,

      • haha, always with the real/barca shit. I just chose a name out of the air. was debating with United, chelsea, galla and a few others.

        oh and ronaldo and messi are both shit compared to Reggie Lambe

  2. I don’t hate the raptors name as much as everyone seems to, not the point of the article but huskies doesn’t have a ring to it. isn’t there a korean team called the dragons?

  3. If the movie Jurassic Park came out AFTER the name the team contest it probably would have been the huskies.

    • I think they also liked the TORonto RapTORs duality.

      Toronto Towers was my pick, even if it would have been a bit on the nose.

    • Perhaps they have you been named after the 2nd highest grossing movie of 1993. The Toronto Mrs Doubtfires. Seems apt somehow.

  4. The Welsh flag has a dragon on it; Cardiff Dragons isn’t that outlandish a name.

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