At this rate Toronto FC’s roster will resemble a Tony Fernandes wet dream. After the addition of winger Hogan Ephraim, rumors regarding the arrival another QPR castoff have picked up in recent hours. Ji-Sung Park is a shadow of the player that was a key cog for Manchester United, but adding him to a talent depleted lineup like TFC wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world –just not at DP money. While Park has a connection to new TFC boss Ryan Nelsen, Vancouver’s Lee Young-Pyo is also doing a recruiting job according to reports.

Again this is remains a rumor for now, so don’t buy those jerseys just yet.

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  1. why not? had my Beckham PSG jersey for a year…and now that he’s there it’s like redemption.

    just kidding.

    I wonder if he can contribute outside of a great squad like United. Hasn’t looked good in the brief times I watched him with QPR.

  2. Doubt it, why would we switch one aging dp for another. Especially when we are supposedly going in a diff direction going after younger south american dps. Only connection this dude has is Park-Ji played for QPR. Thaaaaats all folks

  3. PJS was always a tireless player for United that did whatever job he was asked to do. I don’t think he has the vision or technical gifts to tear MLS a new one, but I have no doubt that he could be a very effective player.

  4. If he comes at a reasonable cost and can help the team move forward, why not? MLS “slower” pace may be a good fit for Mr. Park!

    • Not sure MLS is a slower pace…..less technical, less skillful….all that I grant you…but slower? Not sure on that….certainly more physical than he might be used to.

      • Don’t be fooled, MLS may be a league that values speed and athleticism, but on a world level, the players on average aren’t as fast or as strong as they are in the top leagues.

  5. Ji Sung Park is a consummate pro and one to learn from.

    That said, this could turn into a very expensive experiment, only to learn that QPR isn’t good enough for MLS success either.


  6. Yo… has anyone looked at TFC’s depth charts!? If we can actually sign JSP, that would bode extremely well for TFC considering we already have tons of injuries, key retirement and absolutely no depth at all in the mid or offence. The only thing that looks decent is the defence.

  7. After living in Seoul for a few years and witnessing the “We love whatever team JSP is playing on” bandwagon that goes on over there this would be a prudent move for TFC and MLS. Jersey sales alone would re-pay anything spent on him 10 fold…..

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