Swiss club Sion has been through the ringer the past few years, facing off with UEFA in court due to a ban from the Europa league for fielding ineligible players. Club president Christian Constantin–described as eccentric;  never a good thing– sacked Victor Munoz during the team’s loss to FC Thun on Sunday.

After joining the team as a player to start the 2012/13 season, captain Gennaro Gattuso was named the new manager on Monday. Yesterday Gattuso managed his first ever match, leading Sion to a 2-0 victory at Lausanne.

Via Football Italia:

Gattuso’s debut saw his side earn a 2-0 win in Lausanne, securing their qualification for the Swiss Cup semi-final. He performed three substitutions from the pitch, including himself four minutes from time.

Note to TFC manager Ryan Nelsen: you can actually pull this off. Please do it. You’ll achieve legend status pretty quick.

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  1. If Nelsen did it at TFC, he could probably ensure that he has his own time-specific song a la Dichio.

    Too funnny.

  2. Ha! When Nelsen became TFC’s manager, my first thought was ‘how long until he decides the best way to improve the defence is if he plays’? This can’t be coincidence.

  3. can he do it though considering he “retired” from QPR? When do they lose rights to him?

    • if they really wanted to do it they would have to work something out with qpr but thats not the point

  4. Well, at least he’s healthy and isn’t seeing Zlatan at 4 places at once.

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