Image via the Telegraph.

Is there a right way to commission a statue of yourself? After a restless night of sleep I’ve emerged with an answer. There is, in fact, a right way to ask a local artist to build a self-aggrandizing, cast metal, tribute to yourself.

Mario Balotelli asked Italian sculptor Livio Scarpella to create a statue that will immortalize Super Mario’s iconic ‘I’m the best’ pose following his second goal in the Euro 2012 semi-final.

Scarpella, via the Guardian:

“I presented several drawings but Mario wanted to be immortalised in a pose that shows him having scored a goal, highlighting his muscles and with an expression of defiance. I have imagined him as an athlete from ancient times and the statue will be a mix of classical and pop style in platinum and coloured bronze with the eyes made of stones.”

While that sounds amazing I fear for Scarpella’s health should Balo disapprove of the risky classical/pop mix.

In other statue related news, Arsenal will build one for Dennis Bergkamp. Voted as the Gunners second best player of all time behind Thierry Henry, the statue will commemorate the Non-Flying Dutchman’s incredible ball control during a 2003 fixture against Newcastle.

Bergkamp was asked about the honour:

“First of all, I am honoured that this is going to happen. It makes me very proud. Everyone knows that I love Arsenal and that I had a fantastic time at the Club. For me and my family it was an important period in our lives. Next to that the people were great, the team was amazing and we had a lot of success over the years.”

Two statues commissioned and built in two very different ways. On second thought, I’ll take the Bergkamp route.