Although the self-conscious use of the word “lad” made me want to turn this off, this is pretty ace interviewing, and as it’s tangentially football related, I will allow it…

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  1. If we didn’t already love Mila, then this just made us love her more!

  2. That was amazing

  3. Watford’s alternate kit is kinda purple-y The lad still has a chance!


  4. Love the point when the publicist asks them to actually talk about the movie.

    From a journo perspective its interesting as a novelty, because I think the kid is actually genuinely nervous – but what would have really made it a success is to use this technique to find out more about Mila; we end up learning too much about the interviewer, for much of it she’s the one interviewing him. He was starting to hit his stride with questions like “have you ever dropped trou at a wedding” but that was too close to the end to really carry on with it.

  5. He’s been a radio presenter and dj for almost 10 years, so maybe not that nervous.

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