First, this was stolen from Dirty Tackle. So to assuage myself of any guilt for stealing from the master, to wit: Brooks Peck is insanely funny. If you don’t read his blog, you’re kind of a weirdo. Chances are you probably do anyway because he’s a phenom.

Okay, so the reason I linked to this is…what’s the deal with Arcade Fire’s permanent influence on advertising soundtracks? I mean, these riffs could be directly from Funeral. This is now the gold standard of elevator music. It’s not even particularly appropriate here. Anyway, that’s all.

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  1. It’s a common trend for advertising people to commission songs that sound remarkably similar to the work of indie bands.

    Watch this VW commercial ( It rips off Beach House’s aesthetic and in particular, their song ‘Take Care’ (

  2. Just to mention I love the DT blog and read it regularly…truly amazing…
    Richard W, I was hoping you would include more frequent ‘formation diagrams’ of weekend games…i know there needs to a good story line and history which adds to the humor, but i am sure it can be a regular like the ‘if it continued’ or more recently ‘Rafas notebook’ on here…

    Still always appreciate the great work you all put in…THANKS!!!

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