A high up source within the Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) group, owners of PSG and according the Times report the “prime movers” behind the DFL, has just confirmed to me that the organization sent a cease and desist letter to Rob Beal—a source in the Oliver Kay story—in 2011 for falsely purporting to be a spokesmen for the club in an attempt to sell information related to rumours that David Beckham was on his way to Paris.

The source has a copy of the letter which Beal attempted to sell to various journalists in 2011. In it, he details how PSG was pleased to welcome Beckham and his family, and asked that quotes “only be used by media groups in France and the UK” and be attributed only to Beal’s group at the time. The source told me the letter looked flimsy, but that she says it’s possible it ended up reported on by more than one outlet as hard news.

You’ll recall the initial Times story said that QSI-owned PSG were “the prime movers” behind the Dream Football League.

Since beginning this story I have been inundated from off the record reports that Beal has a history of peddling false information to journalists, lately related to French football. Earlier today, the Times football editor Tony Evans told me that they stood by the story “…despite the involvement of Beal.”

“Despite the involvement of Beal”—a man who claims to work for an Paris-based media organization in France despite several eye-witness accounts he is permanently based in Sheffield, and who once attempted to pose as a spokesman for QSI in 2011 and profit from lucrative inside information.

No other sources have come forward to back up the DFL story…