It’s really hard to underestimate the scope of his influence in European football. Since this whole thing broke, myself and others involved in tracking the story like Sporting Intelligence author Nick Harris have been inundated with alleged tales of promises made and broken, fake employment contracts drawn up, stories passed on, posing as a QSI spokesman even after receiving a cease and desist letter, threatening those who confront him with either litigation, or in some cases, violence.

As I linked earlier, Cahiers Du Football has a host of stories of his alleged malfeasance. I have it on good authority that Beal was shopping around the CdF story to other outlets, including two major news organizations, one in England and one in France. In the coming days, it’s likely evidence of Beal misleading other news organizations is likely to emerge.

And apparently much more. But if you want to get a real sense of what this person is willing to stoop to, the following is a real news report via SportingIntel in which Beal spoke to the cause of a real plane crash as a spokesman for his previous (and likely non-existent) company Global Risk Security:

Flight AF 447 was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in the early hours of this morning when all contact was lost.

Earlier the Air France Manager in Brazil, Joao Assunção, told a press conference the plane was transporting 80 Brazilians, 73 French (a percentage of whom were French-passport carrying Brazilians), 18 Germans, nine Italians and six US citizens.

Five Chinese, four Hungarians, two Spanish, two Moroccans were also on board.

The remaining 13 passengers were from Angola, Algeria, Belgium, the Philippines, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Austria and Turkey.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy admitted there is a “very small” chance of finding any of the passengers alive.

Robert Beal, a spokesman for Global Risk Security who serve Air France, told Sky News the French airline said the accident was the result of a “catastrophic mechancial failure”.

In case you missed it, that’s Beal speaking to a major press organization giving a false reason for a plane crash immediately after the fact.

There will be much more in the coming days, including (I hope) some more information about Beal’s football media influence, with specifics. For all the other info, I’m going to direct you to Nick Harris on some of the details about Beal. He is in a much better position than I to give the story the focus it needs.

I’d like to write about football again for a little while. Stay tuned for the podcast and one or two updates in the days ahead (hopefully).