Dimitar Berbatov has finally joined Twitter. The Fulham striker just opened his account today. He already has 5,652 followers (which are multiplying like bacteria in a petri dish), four tweets and is following four.

His recent tweets express how important family is to him and that he’s still familiarizing himself with the social media network: “I’m very bad with this website…”

Care to follow him? His Twitter handle is @Berbatov_Dimi.

UPDATE: Fulham FC Communication Director Sarah Brookes just confirmed that the account is fake via Twitter. Thanks to Russell Berrisford from the Vancouver Sun for the heads up.


Guess it was too good to be true and even fooled Berbatov’s teammate Sascha Riether, who initially endorsed the account only to later tweet the following:


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  1. Sascha Riether also tweeted this though:

    i am so sorry!!!there was a misunderstanding.berbatov is not on twitter!!!!


  2. It had us all confused since his own teammate had initially endorsed it only to later retract his tweet and post the above comment. The club’s communication director confirmed it’s not his account and that the player is only on Facebook.

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