Apropos of nothing (ie international week), here are some great videos of Lionel Messi on the Internet. This first one above is perhaps the most intensely beautiful football video on the Internet: all of Messi’s goals between 2005 and 2012.

Pachelbel’s canon, goal announcements in every language imaginable, and those gorgeous goals. If you don’t feel this than you don’t really like football, do you? More after the jump.

This is president Obama comparing himself to Messi. Which is pretty egotistical on Obama’s part.

Here’s an intriguing 60 Minutes segment on Messi that gives a little background on the school that formed him and others on Barcelona: La Masia Academy.

And more personally, here’s a vid on how Messi came to be.

Just a small microcosm of the skill the man is capable of.

Here’s Messi washing his face wearing a white-collared shirt. Red card.

If you have any more good ones, send him over and I’ll chuck them in.

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  1. Amazing player. Im just glad to see him play in his prime. Maybe he hasnt even gotten to his prime yet…

  2. I can’t get over how he doesn’t seem to adjust his stride/pace before he hits the ball, it’s like he has adjusted his run 10 paces before he gets there, then bang, it’s in.

  3. if you are going to put the face wash one up you need to include the Lays chips commercial (this one is done in just about every language with different music….this is the UK version)


    I really miss Messi-to-Ronaldinho-to-Messi-to-Ronaldinho-to-Messi – to the back of the net.

    The flair of the Brazilian is missing from this squad.

  4. Love the part with him heading it over the goalkeeper. No, his hand did not touch the ball.

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