Costa Rica v United States - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier

Both teams pleaded with referee Joel Aguilar to keep the match going. At least that’s what the commentators on the ESPN broadcast led us to believe. While it did look as though the visitors did want to continue as they began to carry play in the second half, apparently, that wasn’t the case.

Via Reuters:

Ten minutes into the second half, Costa Rica coach Jorge Luis Pinto wanted referee Joel Aguilar of El Salvador and match commissioner Victor Daniel of Grenada to suspend the game, but U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann made a case for playing on. Play continued after some heated discussion. Pinto was angry during and after the game. “I asked them to stop. They should suspend the ref,” Pinto said. “It was an embarrassment. It was an insult to Costa Rica and people coming in here.”

More from midfielder Cristian Bolanos:

“Honestly, it was robbery, a disgrace, I’ve never played a game in these conditions,” midfielder Cristian Bolanos told Reuters. “You couldn’t see the ball … if we had played without snow, we would have won, I am sure.”

Reuters reports Costa Rica plans to file an official protest with FIFA. Something tells me this won’t be the last we’ve heard of this.

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  1. Chile plays in altitude. Honduras plays in hellish heat. Deal.

    • There’s a big difference between playing in snow and any other conditions, altitude, heat or whatever. Soccer can be played properly in those other conditions but not in snow. Honestly it’s the same as if there had been a flood that waterlogged the field, in that situation the game gets called, same should happen for snow as well.

      • Soccer games are played in snow in Europe all the time. Playing in high altitude and high heat is much worst than snow. At lest you can breath in snow. So Costa Rica and the other countries that play in heat and high altitude should get used to this from the US and Canada. Its time for us to start using the advantages that our climate can provide. Its only fair.

        like “Dyslexic nam” said : DEAL WITH IT!!!!

  2. Canada should have protested the game against Panama, it’s the exact same principle behind the matter. Exestential circumstances leading to a team not being able to compete on a level playing field.

  3. Im not sure why they had to play in denver either. Im sure there is soccer field somewhere in florida or california. Seems like the U.S tried to get an unfair advantage

    • Do you think! Duh!

      Good for them…

    • The biggest reason they played in Denver was because they’ll be playing at altitude in Mexico City on Tuesday.

    • there aren’t supposed to be snowstorms at the end of march, no one sat around two months out or whenever they planned these and said let’s put this game denver, I know it will snow, I just know it. by that logic they should have put it in columbus.

  4. I am in favour of teams using altitude and temperature to gain an advantage, however I think that when the players can’t see the ball that has a definite impact on the match. The protest is around the game continuing amidst heavy snow, not that it was played in the cold and at altitude.

  5. so dempsey could see the ball? null and void

  6. USA went to Colorado in preparation for their trip to Mexico coming up Tuesday. It snowed. Tough. If the world’s governing body has decided that playing in Qatar in heat proven to be potentially fatal for physical exertion, then warmer climate teams can choke down some colder weather.

    There’s a reason why European teams never win World Cups in South America – climate is always a feature. If you’re not using it to your advantage, you’re foolish. The last time we qualified for the WC, the final qualifier was played in Newfoundland In September – AKA storm season. That’s no coincidence.

    The referee obviously decided that player safety wasn’t a problem, so this is more an issue of discomfort. Once again, tough. This is what happens when the global game is played globally.


  7. The ref asked CR team captain Ruiz if they wanted to continue in the 2H and he said YES because at the time they were attacking and were all over the US. Now they lose and cry foul. Estadio Ricardo Saprissa in San Jose CR has artificial turf and every team in concacaf hates playing there and it is an advantage the Tico’s love to exploit but that is ok. Its home field, suck it up and move on.

    • Ricardo Saprissa stadium is now real grass. In soccer you need to roll the ball, kick the ball high , etc… When those elements of the game are compromised that’s when you suspend it , that’s to protect the INTEGRITY of the game, just like they do in baseball. Costa Rica never wanted to continue when they couldn’t see the ball let alone roll it and the ref never heard their cry. Now I ask myself what would have happened if Costa Rica would had been winning ? Would Kinnsmen had asked to continue……?? hmmmm I think not. But that’s ok I Guarantee you when they go to San Jose we will have something special planned for them. Game On !!

      • they didn’t to continue cause they are soft like little girls. They are scared of cold and snow. Whaaaa! They are soft. they are not real men like the Americans.

        • Real men like Americans? Shut up man! American men don’t even know how to change a flat tired! Instead they call an “expert” and that’s pretty much what they do for everything haha.

      • Ricardo Saprissa is NOT grass it is field astroturf. There is a new National Stadium that they built that has grass but they still like to use Saprissa stadium because of the artificial surface that the players that play for Saprissa or Alajuela are used to.

  8. It was a 6-12 inches of snow that fell on Friday through Saturday in Denver. So that would affect play. When I saw the highlights on CNN, I thought it was the Russia vs Northern Ireland game.

    Incidently the Russia vs N. Ireland game was cancelled due to 5 cm(2 inches) of snow expected to fall and gale like winds in the 30-50 km/h range. Similar to Denver, but somehow the game in Denver was not cancelled.

    IMO, if Costa Rica appeals I think they have a good case for a replay, but I dont know how you replay a WCQ.

    • because THIS IS CONCACAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kicks into pit*

    • They would have to find a common FIFA date where neither team is already playing a WCQ. Not sure if FIFA or CONCACAF has the power to compel teams to cancel any friendlies during that date (if they find one) however.

      • Some years ago there was a home and away series between Canada and Mexico. The national associations set the time and place for each game. Mexico’s home game? July, The Azteca, daytime. The Canadians? Toronto, November, night. Welcome to the beautiful game. Play it like the professionals you claim to be.

    • In England they cancel games cause the sidewalks may be slippery. Honestly. What Europe does sure as hell shouldn’t be a guide for the rest of the world.

  9. Foreign wusses are scared of snow. Sports play in snow all the time. Sack up and be a man. Not playing in snow is why people think soccer is full of pussies.

    • Derrick !!! It has nothing to do with being a pussy or a wuss ,( maybe that’s what you are so you emphasize about it so much) , its got to do with what FIFA has stipulated in rules…. and it stipulates that whenever the safety of the players are at risk or when the lines are NOT VISIBLE the game has to be suspended, this also applies in rain, but it doesn’t stipulate about heat or cold ,also it is not allowed to invade the field by no personnel or fans no matter what , and it clearly shows how stadium workers invaded the field to clean the snow while the game was at play. That puts players at risk. These are facts !!! And I invite you Mr Pussy to visit the FIFA website to see for yourself.

      • Pablo, technically you might be correct, but there are lots of things that *technically* could be rule violations that happen in CONCACAF that are looked the other way on… ie things like players having items thrown at them like pee in a bag or vomit in a cup. Letter of the law says those teams should be playing behind closed doors in an empty stadium for their next qualifier and would probably remain that way until they get ahold of their security problem. Is it ever dealt with? not a chance.

        So to hear the central american complaint factory fire up over game day conditions is rather rich.

        • Alex, Your right about the things our low educated people do at games , that’s why right now FIFA has given Panama an utimatum about there security at their stadium and warned them that they will be sanctioned. For your information the costarican goalkeeper was complaining about snowballs and other objects being thrown at him during the game, and I imagine it happened because the storm was so bad you couldn’t really pin point who it was . You know I do believe we’ve come along way with it and although It isn’t cured its gotten better. I’m not defending the undefendable but the true to the matter is I believe this game should have been suspended. I remeber one year when ALexis Lalas came to Costa Rica on a World Cup qualifying match and you wouldn’t believe how he provoked the fans to throw things at him and after the game he had said with all of his arrogance that he had done nothing, I was right there. Did you also know that the Costa Rican team left the Colorado stadium with no police escort and didn’t make it to the hotel until 1 am. This is what I me , I believe their reception in Costa Rica won’t be as nice as other times.

  10. Boo hoo
    Canada and USA have to deal with more kinds of things than weather in Central American/Caribbean.

  11. To me the bottom line is that both teams played under the same conditions. Ultimately, the referee decided to continue the game. I do not see FIFA having the game replayed based on the referee´s and players decisions to play. If Costa Rica had won or tied the game, there would absolutely no protest from them.

  12. FIFA’s rules are tough! It seemed like I was watching a Hockey match. After all, the road to Brazil is not an easy road.

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