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Sports Interactive clearly thinks this idea is “hilarious,” rather than totally awesome. Introducing what could have been: Football Manager 1888:

The latest version of the iconic football management game offers players the chance to put their skills to the test in the very first season of the English Football League. Managers are given the option of taking over any of the original 12 clubs involved in the 1888/89 season and guiding them to league and cup glory.

Of course, football was very different in the Victorian era and these differences will present FM players with a whole new set of challenges.

Managers will have to master the different rules of the game, including; no substitutions being permitted during matches, the off-side rule not yet being introduced to the game and players flying into tackles without fear of being sent off or conceding penalties. Players must also overcome other, more unusual, tests to their management credentials when faced with their star players being forced into immediate retirement following a bad injury or their entire back four being drafted up to the army.

Nah! Just kidding! No one wants to play an intriguing historical football sim! RvP 4 Life! All about the Champs League! Come on Chelski!

Seriously, that you even teased us with this has hurt your brand. Unless this isn’t a joke. H/T Clay Fowler.

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  1. They should make it a mini side game you can play along with the main FM campaign. Maybe create a new series of mini-games based on different leagues around the world and their origins.

  2. The sports drink of choice in 1888? Guinness.

    Racist chanting against wogs, dagos, and gerries; black people are safe. Homophobic chants wouldn’t have occurred to people.

    Advertising hoardings promote haberdashers, steamship voyages to the Belgian Congo, and 100 round bare-knuckle boxing matches. Oh the good ol’ days

  3. I remember reading about a PC American football game in the 90s that would’ve done something similar – play with modern players using 1955 rules, etc.

  4. Would have been great to have to transform how you operate as the rules change and the league becomes what it is now.

    • Its true. It could be a game along the lines of combining Civilization and Football Manager. You could try and manage a club from the nascent stages of football league development up to the modern day. That would be awesome.

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