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The other day, I received a pop up on my Rdio app. It was a blue bubble that read “Terms of Service”, no text, with the two options “Read” or “Agree.” This was the most blatant example I’d seen in a while of a service provider understanding that I probably don’t give a crap about whatever legalistic junk they’re contractually obligated to tell me about.

Still, I felt a little uncomfortable with the easy offer, so I clicked read (I’m ashamed to admit I read the first four sentences and then scrolled to agree).

Reading terms in your contract tends to be important. And now Harry Redknapp knows as much. He hinted his complex, clause-ridden contract with Spurs was what ultimately prevented him from taking the England job:

“I wouldn’t take it [the England job] now, no. Not now, not in the future,” Redknapp said in an interview with Twentyfour7 Football magazine. “That was my time, really, if I was going to get it. Last year there were a lot of things that went against me surrounding that massive contractual clause. People will always deny that is the reason, the FA couldn’t say that and I won’t say, but it didn’t help me.

“I had such a badly loaded contract it was crazy, in Tottenham’s favour. That’s what you get for not reading your contract properly. It was a massive amount that someone would have had to pay to get me out of it.”

So remember kids, read your contracts. Or at least make a cake for a lawyer friend to help you read your contract.

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  1. As someone who has also failed to land a much coveted and prestigious job, Bob Dole thinks Harry Redknapp is just trying to shift blame for his failure to land the England job from his poor CV to his contract.

    Redknapp and Tottenham were never contacted by England, he didn’t even interview, how would they know what the details of his contract were?

    • Possibly. But essentially admitting to the world that you are ignorant (not reading your contract when you’re a football manager is pretty ignorant) is a tough way to shift blame for not having gotten a better job.

  2. I think the fact that he led Sp*rs to an epic collapse (epic even by their hideous standards) and is an illiterate, innumerate nomark had more to do with it.

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