This is bad against FC Basel. The equalizer beckoned. Cheers to the Fantasista.

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  1. Another angle shows that the shot deflected off Holtby’s foot but still….

    I read an interview earlier today where Parker admitted that he’d rather win the Europa League than finish fourth in the BPL. When will Sp*rs players/fans/coaches learn to stop counting their chickens?

    • Saying that he’d “rather” win one thing than the other is not the same as assuming one or both of those things are won already.

      All it indicates is that, for Parker, at least, the priority is winning Europa. There’s nothing wrong with setting priorities and goals.

      Its not like he said something to the effect of, “when we finish fourth…” or “after we win the Europa League…”

      • I understand that. I understand that words don’t lead to action and that if you are asked a question, answering it honestly is commendable.

        The coincidence is just funny and typical of Sp*rs. He gets asked about winning and a day later, he unleashes this Parkerian wonder strike.

        Why anyone would ask Scott Parker about winning anything is beyond me. He’s awful; a slower, less technically gifted and defensively adept version of Gareth Barry. The only reason he’s playing is because “better” players are injured.

  2. Isn’t his name BRAVE Scotty Parker?

    He’s just oh so brave out there isn’t he.

    • They way he let the Basel players continually pass the ball through midfield was very brave indeed.

      The ball did nick off Holtby, but he probably would have missed anyway.

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