Lots of hubbub around this one at the minute, as the FA have uncovered no evidence of alleged chanting toward the Ferdinand brothers that involved putting them “in a bonfire”:

“We’ve been asked by FIFA to make a submission by Tuesday,” [the FA's Adrian Bevington] said. “We’ve spent the time since the game in San Marino going through the video evidence that we obtained from our security team.

“We have not been able to identify any individuals or any recorded evidence of racial abuse or abuse of a particular nature being sung.

“I do want to make clear that that is not to dispute the reports of journalists who have acted with faith and integrity – and in saying that it’s important we respect the right of people to report what they have heard in good faith.

“However, without the actual evidence recorded it’s difficult to take anything further. We will of course do anything moving forwards if there is anyone who does have evidence that we can prove against people.

The little bit of pro-England fan propaganda that Bevington added in the statement doesn’t exactly make it seem as if the FA has done their due diligence in evidence-gathering here. But the FA does provide a phone number for recorded evidence, if you have it:

“In a similar vein we would encourage anyone, who at any time has evidence of discriminatory behaviour, to make it available to The FA through our existing customer relations process or englandfans team.

“To report any discriminatory behaviour email footballforall@thefa.com or call 0800 085 0508.”