Rafa Honigstein is Tweeting as much:

And certainly the general football media hive mind has come to pretty much the same conclusion. There are some dissenting voices, particularly those who think football is just one big Netflix version of House of Cards and Roman Abramovich (played by Kevin Spacey with an uncomfortable Southern drawl no doubt) would seriously say no to a coach with a 73.01% winning percentage over 163 matches, the third best record in La Liga even before adjusting for the number of games, just because they might disagree on things like player signings once in a while.

Methinks however Roman knows that, outside of creating a La Masia-like foundation led by a transformative football mind—I dunno, let’s say Xavi when he retires—and waiting thirty years for it all to come to fruition, his best bet is get someone who can win almost across all possible worlds except when pitted against one of the best teams in football history.

That man is Mourinho. The best part? He knows where all the bathrooms are already.

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  1. Still don’t think Jose is willing to go to a place where he has as little control as he would at Chelsea.

    He’s managed to get Florentino to pipe down and go along with what he wants. He couldn’t get Abramovich to do the same, and likely never will. Why bother?

  2. If this means that puppet show will come back, then I’m for it.

    • Agreed. 1) now they have a Wegner puppet. 2) He’d be holding a position previously held by Rafa. Could be hilarious.

  3. I think Real higher ups want him out, quick name a past coach of Real…quick……first time the coach has been as “big” as the players there, don’t think they like that,

    • seriously. how about Capello. I think it’s not so much that he’s bigger than the club as it’s a matter of playing philosophy. RM is a win w/ flair type of club. they will tollerate a defensive game so long as the results are coming in but w/ little more than a single Liga title in the time he’s been there I dont think he’ll be welcome to stay. not to mention the falling out w/ players ect. Mou has a habit of leaving teams in worse condition than what he got them in and Real wont be the exception it seems.

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