Hey look! Mario Balotelli did something bad and is now being punished for it!

Urgent breaking news aside, some important things for you to consider. First, the great Tom Dunmore, legendary editor of Pitch Invasion and one of the people behind XI Quarterly, is with the rest of his team running a reader drive for XI. Full disclosure: I’ve written something for their upcoming issue, but I have been an avid reader since issue the first. Their target is some incomprehensibly reasonable, you’d kind of be a weirdo not to at least consider it. It’s football with an in-depth, North American bent.

Second, friend of the blog and pod Jason Davis has started an intriguing new initiative—a daily, two-hour morning soccer show on the NASN network. Have a listen to the latest episode, with some fairly major heavy hitters as guests. If you like it, you should consider helping them out.

Third, the podcast will be recorded today, in time for your Champions League half-time break. So stay tuned…

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  1. The rules of the game ought to be obeyed by any good soccer player, for a sportsmanship disposition simply wins games. On this point, players must know that a fair attitude on the pitch generates better technical and tactical moves. Pele has exhibited good attitude from which we saw the results [Batolelli is a fantastic player, but one can't forget that there's a referee on the pitch!].

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