This is why Old Media is dying: we unwashed plebes no longer require any filter between us and the words of those in power, save for an internet connection. Here, in his own words, is the reaction to last night’s controversial result from Malaga owner and Qatari Royal Family member Abdullah Al-Thani:

There is a lot of context here; Malaga have been banned from European competition for one year should they qualify in any of the next four seasons. But there is a mystery: UEFA are racist against whom exactly? Qatar? Considering some of the rumours about Michel Platini’s cozy relationship with the Gulf State, that doesn’t make much sense. Spain? Real Madrid got through.

It’s all a bit…weird. There may be a double standard insofar as Malaga are a smaller club, and there are of course inconsistencies in football governance decisions at all levels. Unfortunately, Al-Thani’s remarks have probably irrevocably damaged their complaint to UEFA on last night’s game, particularly as Reuters reported that UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino will look into possible disciplinary procedures for his Twitter outburst.

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  1. Did he fail to mention malaga’s offside goal? Either way, the linesmen have been quite below par this season.

  2. Germany vs. Spain plus French-influenced UEFA, how can there be racism involved? It’s the same race after all. Somebody give this guy downer pills please…

  3. Is this guy for fucking real? If you had kept your club’s books up-to-date, there would be no issue. Both teams scored an offside goal. None of your players are complaining(probably because they’re all incredibly embarrassed to be working for a psychopath of this nature). Give it a rest.

  4. Boy, rounded 1949-1952 GM cars everywhere other than for a single similarly rounded Hudson. Hold out, is a white Dodge or Plymouth organization coupe to the cross street powering the 1950 Chevy convertible from the foreground?

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