Oxlade-Chamberlain: Pretty sure she gave me a fake number.

Walcott: I was lied to.

Mannone: My dad isn’t a loudmouth.

Coquelin: nonplussed.

Monreal: Murder?

Podolski: Just happy to be here.

Image via @LondonIsRed24

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  1. And then Ox makes our second goal and Walcott and Podolski make the third!

    If you looked at the score alone, you’d think it was an easy game. God love that linesman, who made up for the incompetence of Mike Jones (the execrable ref). The announcer believed that the linesman shouldn’t have made the call as he was across the field and his view was probably obstructed. But the ref had to take his word for it, because even though he was right beside the play, he didn’t see it. He wasn’t paying attention. Because he’s a terrible referee.

    So he had to take the linesman word for it and justice was done. Clear penalty, Norwich goalie loses his mind, Norwich loses the game. Simples.

    Adebayor psychs himself out, and we get luck like this. Love it.

  2. @ Truegooner, Im loving ur statement and Im very happy with today’s result….wowwwww!!

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