The statement. And now the Fisk:

In relation to the information announced for the kick-off time of The FA Cup with Budweiser Final, The FA would like to highlight that 5.15pm is a regular kick-off time in the football calendar.

Well, it depends by what you mean by “regular.” It’s regular in the TV-dependent Premier League, and usually involves one of the bigger names so as to make the audience share worthwhile. Also, love The FA Cup with Budweiser, because it makes one imagine the prize is an FA Cup filled to the brim with Budweiser.

This time was agreed with major stakeholders and broadcasters and has been used across the game for a number of years for televised matches.

Major PR misstep here. What fan is going to read this and say without sarcasm, “Well, so long as it’s been approved by the stakeholders and broadcasters. I’m just a person who pays to go to football matches, and is essentially the heart and soul of everything that football is about.” An idiot.

In terms of transportation, a small percentage of Cup Final fans use the method of train travel.

Additional coach services which National Express are running, including directly from Wembley Stadium, mean there are more options for fans returning north after the game from Wembley on Saturday 11 May.

Now many on Twitter have pointed this out already…”method of train travel”?

“Hey Dave, how are you getting to London this weekend?” “I’m practicing the train travel method. It’s 60% effective, I know, but it’s about getting the timing right.” Also, notice there is no clear alternatives offered under the “more options” sentence. And no source on the “small percentage” of fans using the train.

The kick-off time is unchanged from last year and this allows more football fans around the country to watch The Cup Final in its entirety.

The domestic viewing figures for last year’s FA Cup Final, shown on ITV and ESPN, recorded a combined peak in-home audience of 11.7m people in the UK.

This was the highest peak viewing figure The FA Cup Final has achieved under the current TV deal and a higher audiencee than that of Bayern Munich v Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League Final.

Again, no comparative source offered here. How much larger was the audience share compared to the last 3:00 PM kick-off? And is this isolated for other factors? Moreover, fans of the two clubs would watch the final if it was on 7:00 PM. So is it morally imperative neutrals get a chance to watch? Is the FA’s mission to improve ratings philanthropic in nature? No, the figures amount to more money, and the money is going to paying off Wembley debt, with a bit going to football clubs and such.

Also audience is spelled wrong, but only enormous, tedious trolls point out minor spelling mistakes on the Internet.