File this under “childish”:

John Terry snubbed the Football Association chairman David Bernstein’s attempt to shake hands at Friday’s Champions League trophy handover.

The Chelsea captain confirmed to Sky Sports News that he had rejected Bernstein’s attempt to shake hands.

Bernstein was the man who stripped Terry of the England captaincy after his racism charge.

A handshake is a simple thing. It’s the sign of a person with a cooler head who shakes the hands of an enemy, whilst maintaining their opposition.

Terry couldn’t hack this simple gesture, and here you are on a very slow football news day.

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  1. Answer honestly: were you among the ones amused when Wayne Bridge and Craig Bellamy failed to shake Terry’s hand before an MC/Chelsea match a few years back? Or did you write a similarly outraged response to their actions?

  2. I can’t recall but it would have been just as stupid.

  3. funny though, JT is the only one who can be faulted for their actions in each case. he is the disgusting twat in this little story…….he can’t be mad for being punished for what he did…….

    since he is the one in the wrong in each case he should be extending the olive branch to try and gain some measure of class and reputation back.

  4. I realize this is a generalization, but most pro athletes have massive and unwarranted egos. You kick a ball around and make millions doing it John Terry. You telling me you can’t be a man for once and shake this dudes hand?

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