Jeremy Hall’s superb strike should’ve been the winner. It looked even better for the Reds when Dynamo defender Jermaine Taylor was sent off for poking Robert Earnshaw in the eye. Earnshaw sold it, but that sort of stuff happens in this game. In the final minute of extra time Houston scored. Of course they did. Once again TFC pissed away the lead late. This joke isn’t funny anymore.

I had some more words prepped, the headline as well. I probably jinxed them. This team has made an industry out of screwing themselves late. This time it was Warren Creavalle. Next time it will be Claudio Bieler. Life goes on.

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  1. this is an improvement over the last few years and the wins will come

    • I agree 100%. Although it was a tie that felt like a loss, i can remember when this game would have been a loss and it wasnt long ago. Slowly but surely we are getting to be a better team, anyone expecting anything different should think about where we were last year (and the 5 years before that)

  2. They are competing hard but should have claimed all three points yesterday. However, I think there is this notion out there that this team will steadily get better but I don’t think that’s the case with the current roster available. This is the first match where they had better possession than the opposition (albeit, an opponent losing a key central midfield cog and it’s offensive focal point by half time, and then down a CB with a 1/3 of the match remaining, on the road) but I think they will struggle against MLS opposition as the season wears on, especially during the hot summer matches.

    My prediction is that this team will string together some 3 or even 4 game positive results (win and ties) but will also go on the schneid for an extended period, too. As long as they battle hard and be tough to beat then they will be in the ballpark of a playoff hunt until near season’s end, and that should keep the fans relatively happy.

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