Manchester United are a win away from the title after a stunning ten minute stretch at White Hart Lane that saw Spurs force their way back into Champions League contention.

This was the first time Manchester City conceded three goals in the second half of a Premier League match since a 4-3 defeat at Old Trafford in September 2009. Goals from Dempsey, Defoe and Bale were the story.  The three goals were separated by six minutes and 22 seconds. Deary me said the old man not capable of dealing with this result. Said old man is also an Arsenal supporter.

Gif via @feintzebra

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  1. Holy fuck! Amaaaaaaaazing. She ain’t over yet Gooners and Chelski!

    • you really think your boys r still gonna finish above the arse? just missing out is the spurs way

      • We’ll see. As much as I detest Arsenal, my main goal is to get one of the CL spots. I’d rather have Everton up there with us than Cheslea or the Arse, but the main thing is CL qualification – it is the platform to try and retain Bale, sign a top striker and hopefully keep on pushing the big boys in Manchester.

        As for where Arse finishes – I wouldn’t be too cocky if I were a fan. In terms of top teams in the remaining games, Spurs have to play Chelsea. Arse plays United. And Chelsea have United, Spurs and Everton.

        So I reiterate – she ain’t over yet.

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