Remember: listen to the talking dog when choosing a mobile phone carrier. From helpful r/soccer user mattwuri:

  • Kagawa: “Why… why is my dad a dolphin?!”
  • Uh… Kagawa’s dad: “Shinji, come back.”
  • dog comes and heads the ball in
  • Kagawa’s… uncle… : “This is what it means to make a connection.”
  • Kagawa: “UNCLE!!”
  • Kagawa’s uncle: “You must connect with your father.”
  • Kagawa: “With dad?”
  • Kagawa’s dad: “I want to see your face.”
  • Kagawa’s uncle: “NAISU ASHISUTO.”
  • Kagawa: “Yes.”

The Beluga whale is his uncle and the dog is his dad, idiot.