Remember: listen to the talking dog when choosing a mobile phone carrier. From helpful r/soccer user mattwuri:

  • Kagawa: “Why… why is my dad a dolphin?!”
  • Uh… Kagawa’s dad: “Shinji, come back.”
  • dog comes and heads the ball in
  • Kagawa’s… uncle… : “This is what it means to make a connection.”
  • Kagawa: “UNCLE!!”
  • Kagawa’s uncle: “You must connect with your father.”
  • Kagawa: “With dad?”
  • Kagawa’s dad: “I want to see your face.”
  • Kagawa’s uncle: “NAISU ASHISUTO.”
  • Kagawa: “Yes.”

The Beluga whale is his uncle and the dog is his dad, idiot.

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  1. I read another explanation that seemed to make slightly more sense.

    Kagawa is like, “Why the hell is my dad a dolphin?” and is pissed off, which is why his shot is off. Oji-san, the dog, flies in and starts butting Kagawa’s goals in. Kagawa is like “wtf?” and Oji-san is like “It’s ’cause I make connections, and you should connect with your dad.” It makes sense, because Softbank has the highest connection rate of the major smartphone carriers. Yes… it makes sense… -_-

    So basically his dad sounds like he is underwater because his cellphone connection is bad. Therefore shot is off, but the dog (which is somehow connected to softbank) always puts in in because he connects people.

    Still completely nucking futs but starting to make sense.

  2. Love it. thanks for sharing,

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