Many people wouldn’t have dealt with news that their major league rivals, now twenty points clear in the Bundesliga, have poached one of their most important players. But this is Juergen Klopp we’re talking about. The Borussia Dortmund coach was both cutting and reasoned in his response to Mario Goetze’s reported €37 million transfer to Bayern Munich next season. He told reporters today when asked on why Mario was leaving:

“The reason Gotze is leaving? He is the favorite transfer of Guardiola.

“So if it’s anyones fault it’s mine. I cannot make myself 15cm smaller and learn Spanish. Gotze wants to work with this extraordinary coach that is Guardiola.

“I cannot preach football of quick transitions and now start playing Tiki Taka.”

Still, despite his slight digs disguised as self-deprecation, he was also careful to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy:

“This season we activated Marco Reus’ release clause and Gladbach wasn’t happy either.”

It’s not as if Dortmund are St. Pauli. They know what this is about, and no doubt Klopp has already weighed his options in light of the loss of one of Germany’s most promising midfield talents.

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  1. The current Dortmund team is full of exciting players. It would be a shame if richer clubs started buying out all of their best players.

    Dortmund is an exciting team. Lewandowski, Reus, Gotze, Hummels are a treat to watch.
    With the exit of Gotze, Lewandowski set to follow, I doubt if anyone can even dream of beating Bayern the next year.

  2. It is a shame that Dortmund are losing some of their great players, but on the other side of things they can really use this money to reinvest in the team. BvB are a great club that has a great scouting and youth system. I just hope they do not confide to lose Gotze, Lewa, AND Hummels in one year.

  3. 37 million buys a lot of talent when you spend like BVB does.

  4. I always find the finances of Dortmund weird. They get 80,000 per game yet are continually unable to hold onto players.

    • It’s because they are based in a working class city. They don’t charge very much for tickets because they want the average citizen to be able to attend games there (they have raised ticket prices but not by much each year). They tried going the transfer market route in the early 2000′s and it almost put them into Bankruptcy. Management has been slowly building through youth (Goetze, Schmelzer) and smart buys (Hummels, Kagawa, Gundogan, Lewa) that led them to success and $$$ in return for talent sold.

  5. ^^ ya how does that work??

  6. After that ass kicking Barca received, they are probably on the phone with Hummels’ agent as we speak. Dortmund will slip next season but may rebuild in the future. I say may because you never know what’s going to happen. Arsenal always plans for the future and it hasn’t worked out so well for us, as our critics keep pointing out.

  7. this transaction makes the CL Final Madrid vs Bayern.

  8. That is a punch to the gut of Dortmund fans. Yikes

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