So Jerome Valcke actually said these words, according to Reuters:

(Reuters) – Too much democracy can be a hindrance when organising a World Cup, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said on Wednesday.

Valcke said one of the reasons FIFA had encountered difficulties in organising the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was due to the various levels of government in the South American nation.

He expected fewer problems for Russia 2018 with President Vladimir Putin.

“I will say something which is crazy, but less democracy is sometimes better for organising a World Cup,” he told a symposium on the tournament.

“When you have a very strong head of state who can decide, as maybe Putin can do in 2018…that is easier for us organisers than a country such as Germany….where you have to negotiate at different levels.

Think about these words. Let them sink in. Then read them again. That annoying democracy. But the final sentence is a real kick in the balls,. Sepp Blatter said these words:

“I remember my first World Cup where I was directly involved was the one in Argentina and I would say I was happy Argentina won,” he said.

“This was a kind of reconciliation of the public, of the people of Argentina, with the system, the political system, the military system at the time.”

Amazing. Horrifying. But amazing.