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Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is suspended for ten matches after violent conduct charge
Luis Suarez has been suspended for a total of ten matches after an Independent Regulatory Commission today ruled on a charge of violent conduct.

A three-person Independent Regulatory Commission today upheld The FA’s claim that a suspension of three matches was clearly insufficient and the player will serve a further seven first-team matches in addition to the standard three. The suspension begins with immediate effect.

This follows an incident with Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in Sunday’s fixture at Anfield.

Get ready for pointless acrimony from all the usual places, and all the closely monitored instances of hypocrisy, and why the FA should be disbanded, and why Suarez should be sent to prison, and on and on and on and on and on.

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  1. It’s clear here that the 10 match ban is as much based on his previous actions (the bite in 2010, the racism thing last season) as it is on this particular incident. That being said, I (who usually hate anything related to Suarez) think that his ban may have been slightly too much. Ah well, that’s the FA for ya, either they do nothing, or they overdo it.

  2. hopefully he gets some serious mental health support during that time. (and a dentist to file his teeth smooth in case of a relapse.)

  3. Iv been ignoring Suarez’s “Crazy” for a while now simply because he puts the ball in the net on a consistent basis. This however was blatant and uncalled for. Looked like a raving dog out there

  4. Although there is a previous biting incident, the FA should not have taken that into account as it happened in a different league. As a fan of the Reds, it’s been one thing after another with Suarez, who everything else aside is a fantastic player and genuinely enjoyable to watch, but it’s getting increasingly harder to defend him to non-Reds. Personally, I’m ok with 10 games – you do not, under any circumstances bite another player (we all learned that one in kindergarten). What I am not okay with is it being higher than what he got for the racism charges last year, that suggests that in the eyes of the FA this was a worse incident.

    • The other consideration is that the 10 games may be inflated due to his past dooshery, including the racism charge. The past offences would thus increase the penalty for being chompy above and beyond what it would have been if this was his first significant disciplinary offence. Taken this way, it starts to make sense why the bite got more punishment than the racism charge. Criminal records and prior conviction are taken into accout, after all, during judicial sentencing.

    • ignored because it was in a different league? you’re kidding right? it shows history and the fact he needs a serious wake up call to get his shit in order.

      please tell me you were joking and have taken a more sane tack on this topic…..

      • It shouldn’t be taken into account since it wasn’t under FA jurisdiction. It’s fine for them to acknowledge that he has a history of it, but to increase the ban based on something that happened years ago in a different league is bit out of order. And you’ll find no one who despises Suarez more than me – so this isn’t ridiculous Liverpool conspiracy theories.

        I don’t know, I just don’t understand why they should increase the ban on this incident, in 2013, based on two other incidents, one of which did not happen in their league, and the other of which they have already banned and fined him for (the racial abuse charge).

      • Sorry, “a more sane tack”? I not only admitted to being a Liverpool fan, opening myself up to accusations of being biased, but I stated that I was okay with a 10 game ban. What does more sane look like? Being a fan of a different club or more question marks and ellipsis?

        The biting incident while he was at Ajax was a 7 game ban, 5 from the league and 2 from the club. Why should that be taken into account in England? Logically, 10 for a second incident within the same league would make perfect sense. My issue, which I clearly state, is not with the ban itself, but with the fact that it is longer than the racism ban. This, fairly, opens up a conversation about what the FA deems to be a more punishable offense than others.

        However, as Dyslexic nam pointed out, this could be based on previous suspensions (within England) which when the full report comes out tomorrow, we will all know.

        • Rex makes a good point and has clearly articulated her position. We should all be more like Rex.

        • I think Rex brings up a valid point. Clearly, Suarez should have received a longer ban for the racism incident.

          I do think you can take into consideration things that happened elsewhere. Remember, the FAs are umbrella-ed by UEFA – had Suarez done it in South America, perhaps it’s handled differently.

          If a player suspended in England still has to sit out his ban after transferring to Italy, then clearly you’re accountable for anything that goes on in Europe.

          Perhaps one of the features that comes into play with this one is that it’s obvious to everyone watching exactly what happened. To this day, there are a ton of bitter Scousers complaining that Evra made it all up and dodged Suarez’s handshake at he next United / Liverpool match.

          There’s no dispute what happened to Ivanovic.

          Sadly, in Suarez’ world of the massive persecution complex, the only lesson he’ll probably learn from this is, “never apologize”.


  5. I don’t think it matters how much money they fine him or how long they suspend him- my money is still on Suarez doing something hilariously stupid again next season.

  6. There is something gross about the fact that his biting suspension is longer than the racial abuse suspension.

  7. The only thing slightly worse than the FA saying that biting is 20% worse than racial abuse is the delusional Liverpool fans who are calling for Evra to be banned for 7 matches for MIMING to bite a PLASTIC arm.

    ….There are so many sarcastic comments I want to make regarding that, I don’t even know where to start.

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