Are you a bored partisan plebe who has nothing better to do in their spare time than mull over FA arguments in search of inconsistencies as proof that England’s Football Association is corrupt, hates your club and your club alone, and wants Luis Suarez to die because he’s Uruguayan and because Liverpool must be prevented from ever winning the Premier League again?

Here you go.

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  1. Suarez is Uruguayan..

  2. 1 small point, Liverpool haven’t won the Premier League so they cannot win it again (yet).

  3. What.a.Load.of.Cobblers.

  4. Fuck the FA… Bunch of cunts

  5. was that defoe who bite someone a couple years back? how many games did he get? probably not very many hes english the punishment has to b the same regardless of nationality thats the only issue i have

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