Arsenal took care of business at Loftus Road, winning 1-0 in a game that was the opposite of enthralling. Wenger’s reaction to another missed chance is the Gif of the day.

Gif via gunnersaurus

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  1. he can be Mr. Bean’s stand in when he finally releases Arse from his mediocrity

  2. what do you know you twonk? They sold the leagues best player and are still battling for a champs league spot. Not to mention, it is a self-sustainable club. Your club may be winning trophies but your’re millions in debt. Have a nice day

    • Funny, I didn’t know we were supposed to give a flying fuck about teams’ finances.

    • LOL, you have no idea who my club is you bitter pathetic excuse maker. you need to lay off the sauce in the middle of the day. 10:39 in the morning and you’re already as drunk as an arse.

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