FBL-EUR-C1-BAYERN-DORTMUNDA special live blog for the Counter Attack faithful this afternoon. A preview of May 25th’s Champions League final takes place at Signal-Iduna-Park. The league has long been decided, with Bayern Munich 20 points ahead of Dortmund, but this match takes on special significance thanks to this week’s events.

The lineups:

Bayern Munich: Starke; Rafinha, van Buyten, Boateng, Contento; Tymoshchuk, L.Gustavo; Shaqiri, Pizarro, Can; Gomez

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller; Grosskreutz, Subotic, Santana, Schmelzer; Kehl, Sahin; Kuba, Gündogan, Schieber; Lewandowski

Three starters for Bayern, seven for Dortmund. Gareth Bale scored again for Spurs today. He’s Munich bound, surely.

3rd minute – We’ve all made some pretty bad jokes. Samuel Piette’s Hitler reference is this week’s winner of log off, a prize awarded to those who should have logged off.  Pensive start to the game.

10th minute – GOAL!  Kevin Großkreutz makes a superb run into the box and latches on to a cross to open the scoring. Jurgen Klopp produces a wry smile.

13th minute - Penalty shouts as Robert Lewandowski is pushed down in the box. Ilkay Gündogan heads to the bench after suffering an injury. Moritz Leitner is his replacement. Bayern Munich are sleep walking at the moment. This is basically a glorified friendly, but Jupp Heynckes can’t be pleased with his club’s performance thus far. Obvious statement is obvious.

21st minute - Very impressed by the Sky Sports 1 German feed. Impressive graphics and smart commentary. The latter is a guess.

22nd minute – GOAL! Tie game. Rafinha sends an excellently weighted ball into the box. Mario Gomez, as he is prone to do, heads it home. This is getting interesting.

30th minute - The Mario Gomez button is pretty great.

31st minute – Lewandowski dances past Jerome Boateng to challenge Manuel Neuer with a shot from close range. The Polish striker is a joy to watch. Please don’t go to Munich.

38th minute – Ambassador Henry Mwabwetumba of the Ivory Coast writes in with a question: does this game really matter? If you’re into the physiological stuff and ‘head games’ then perhaps. This result will have little impact on the game 20 days away. Bayern Munich’s reserves are holding their own at the moment.

43rd minute - Some fantastic work from David Alaba sets up another chance for Gomez. Roman Weidenfeller makes the save. Is he the most underrated keeper in football? The fact that the question is even asked makes the answer no.


53rd minute - Dortmund fans aren’t happy with Mario Götze.

Image via @BayernPride

Image via @BayernPride

Loose translation: ‘The pursuit of money shows how much heart you really have … F*** off Götze’

58th minute – Penalty! Sahin drills the ball into Boateng’s arm. Lewandowski’s ensuing penalty is saved by Neuer! Dortmund is clearly going to lose the Champions League final now. HEAD GAMES.

64th minuteRED CARD! Moments after picking up a yellow, Rafinha is sent off for throwing an elbow at Kuba. As Raf heads off Sammer and Klopp get into it. Bad blood articles will clutter your newsfeed for three weeks.

79th minute – Bayern is fragmented. Aside from a few counters it’s been Dortmund driving play, which was expected when the team sheets were annoucned. Tymoschuk sends  a shot hurtling into Malta.

86th minute - A clumsy first touch robs Julian Schieber of the best scoring chance of the second half.

Blood, guts and red cards.

FT – 1-1 is the final score. The Klopp-Sammer staredown was the highlight for me. The post-game quotes should be interesting.